Trouble Coffee, San Francisco

Another fav of mine.   SFFD is to Trouble Coffee as SFPD is to Philz.   I want to believe this sign so bad.   Gibralter.  Supposedly an SF original (but not via Trouble), gone global.   The standard coffee comes with attitude.   DAT CINNAMON TOAST THO!  If Trouble didn't start the American toast … Continue reading Trouble Coffee, San Francisco

Chez Panisse, Berkeley

A culinary landmark.   I went upstairs for the more casual cafe.   Though known for focusing on quality ingredients, I thought the bread was rather standard.   I think this might have been my favorite part of the meal!  Local halibut tartare with cucumbers, radishes, green coriander and ginger.   I eventually tried to recreate … Continue reading Chez Panisse, Berkeley