Los Gatos Cafe, Uptown

The Uptown location is much more convenient than the downtown location.  Better parking, faster seating, no frills service, and tastes similar to its better location.  If you don't like waiting an hour, this is close enough IMHO.   Feels old-school on the outside.  On purpose, I think.   Feels old-school on the inside too.     … Continue reading Los Gatos Cafe, Uptown

South Park Cafe, San Francisco

I must have walked past this place dozens of times while walking through South Park.  I decided to stop by.     If you go before noon, the line is short.   Clean, well-kept interior.   A friend got the Croque-Madame.  When I saw it I wished we shared.   Grilled salmon with mixed greens and … Continue reading South Park Cafe, San Francisco