Affogato Bar, Sightglass, San Francisco

Affogato Bar, inside Sightglass SoMa.  AKA Affogato Heaven.20150508Sightglass7

The entryway from the sidewalk.20150508Sightglass1


The roaster.  Can’t miss it once you walk in.20150508Sightglass2


Beans and devices elsewhere on the first floor.20150508Sightglass3


This is where the magic happens.  The Affogato Bar.  Found on the second floor / mezzanine level of Sightglass’s flagship roastery and coffee house in SoMa.20150508Sightglass4


Selections include seasonal (quarterly?) rotating ice cream flavors from Portland’s Salt & Straw ice creamery.  I recommend asking the barista for pairings.  Or you can go rogue, if that’s your thing.20150508Sightglass5




Now you can experience a slice of heaven:20150508Sightglass6

Sightglass Coffee, 270 7th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

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