Bitter + Sweet, Cupertino

Seems you can find San Francisco relics in the south bay area more and more these days.  This is a good thing, imho, and this is the reason I like Bitter + Sweet.  I can go to one place and find multiple things I like, where friends and I can gather and find something for everyone.



If you’re hungry, there’s panini sandwiches served with salad.  With just the right amount of salad dressing.20151212Bitter+Sweet04


Pastries from Satura Cakes out of Los Altos.20151212Bitter+Sweet0520151212Bitter+Sweet08


Coffee from Sightglass, San Francisco.  Their signature drink is the Red Velvet Latte.20151212Bitter+Sweet06


Ice cream from Humphry Slocombe, San Francisco.20151212Bitter+Sweet09


Pairing it together is awesome…  Sightglass affogato with Secret Breakfast!20151212Bitter+Sweet10

And the bathroom is clean and well-ventilated / AC’d.

Bitter + Sweet, 20560 Town Center Ln, Cupertino, CA 95014


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