Alchemist Bar & Lounge, San Francisco

This is a popular spot with my coworkers.   The sign outside.   Before I walk in I can already tell I'll like it.   Cool steampunk vibe.   Shuffleboard.   My favorite aspect about this place are its odd projections.  The last time I went it was silhouette movie night. Alchemist Bar & Lounge, 679 3rd St, … Continue reading Alchemist Bar & Lounge, San Francisco

Lord George, San Francisco

Stopped by here one evening with some friends. Seems easy to miss; coming down the sidewalk, I only noticed a small sign on the sidewalk.  The droop in the handwriting makes me smile.   Oddly, behind that copper bowl they chip their own ice.  Seems unnecessary.   We sat near oyster guy!   So, of course we … Continue reading Lord George, San Francisco

Tanto, Sunnyvale

A local favorite.  Everything I've tried I would get again!  I recommend making reservations with a group so that you can try most dishes.   From the street, Tanto looks rather unassuming.   Always tempted to get the sashimi salad.  Generous amounts of sashimi, with just the right amount of dressing and greens.  This is probably as … Continue reading Tanto, Sunnyvale