Salt House, San Francisco

Went here with coworkers after a long day at the office.  From a previous visit, I remember liking the gnocchi here.


At first, I did not realize the 545 sign was for its street address.20160128SaltHouse1


Pain Epi from Acme Bread, I think.20160128SaltHouse2


I decided to try the Bruce Adams refresher.  I recommend it.  Grapefruit and ginger on the bottom.  A slice of lemon, and soda water.20160128SaltHouse3


The Beef Rib-Eye.  Served with black trumpet mushrooms, braised leeks, crispy potato, and baby carrots.  Much smaller than anticipated; I needed to go out for a second dinner after this dinner.  Probably should have ordered appetizers.20160128SaltHouse4


The inside looks pretty sweet.20160128SaltHouse5


The bar.20160128SaltHouse6


Salt House, 545 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94105

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