Lord George, San Francisco

Stopped by here one evening with some friends.

Seems easy to miss; coming down the sidewalk, I only noticed a small sign on the sidewalk.  The droop in the handwriting makes me smile.20160221LordGeorge1


Oddly, behind that copper bowl they chip their own ice.  Seems unnecessary.20160221LordGeorge2


We sat near oyster guy!20160221LordGeorge3


So, of course we got oysters:20160221LordGeorge4


Steak & Potatoes tartine.  Open face sandwich with some salad.  Horseradish aioli, chimichurri, carrot butter, honey.  Tastes good.  As soon as you bite into it, the whole thing pretty much falls off!


Ended with a cheese board.  Though it might look plain, I think I enjoyed this more than my messy tartine!20160221LordGeorge6


Lord George, 555 2nd St, San Francisco, CA 94107

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