Fuglen Tokyo, Shibuya

Seemed like there was a pretty good crowd here. I think I found out about this from Time Out magazine.   It's pretty inside. The coffee was ok but there is better elsewhere in Shibuya.   Fuglen Tokyo 1-16-11 Tomigaya Shibuya, Tokyo


Usagiya, Ueno

My wife found this dorayaki shop / confectionary.   Some may think it excessive, but I really appreciate Japanese packaging. A lot of thought and care goes into presentation.   I don't think we knew what we ordered, but everything has red bean inside. I got tired of red bean foods, so I didn't like this. … Continue reading Usagiya, Ueno

Afuri, Harajuku

This place will stay on my short list.   Of course, I tried the specialty Yuzu Shio Ramen... but I wouldn't bother with it. It was like normal shio ramen with only a hint of yuzu (so why even come to Afuri!).   But the real star was the Yuzu Tsuyu Tsukemon! Bright, flavorful yuzu and the thicker noodles … Continue reading Afuri, Harajuku


Ningyo-Yaki shop, Asakusa, Nakamise-dori

While walking through Nakamise, found this Ningyo-Yaki shop near the center. Can't figure out what it is called, but it had the best ningyo-yaki I've found there because of its fresh baked, hand made textures and tasty red bean center.   I can't read Japanese, but I'm pretty sure this sign is a description of the food and … Continue reading Ningyo-Yaki shop, Asakusa, Nakamise-dori


La Cafe Doutor, Ginza

Turns out this was pretty much the only coffee house open near my hotel when I arrived in Tokyo. You can tell it's early since the streets are empty. That actually revealed another side of Tokyo too, as window cleaners were visibly busy preparing each shop for the work day. I wonder why US workers mostly work at the same … Continue reading La Cafe Doutor, Ginza