Ningyo-Yaki shop, Asakusa, Nakamise-dori

While walking through Nakamise, found this Ningyo-Yaki shop near the center. Can’t figure out what it is called, but it had the best ningyo-yaki I’ve found there because of its fresh baked, hand made textures and tasty red bean center.



I can’t read Japanese, but I’m pretty sure this sign is a description of the food and possibly not its store name. I could be mistaken. This is not the machine-made ningyo-yaki shop at the end of Nakamise Street; that place isn’t bad but isn’t as good imho.



As an ignorant American, I first mistook this for the swastika. But, it is backwards (left-facing) and means something else.



The read bean inside wasn’t overly sweet, so one could appreciate the actual red bean flavor.




I don’t have an address for this place, so just head towards the middle of Nakamise-dori and follow your nose until you recognize things from these photos. If you have more information on this shop, please leave a friendly comment and I’ll update it with the location name and address!

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