Rokurinsha, Tokyo Station

Heard about this place from a TV show and thought it was over-hyped because it’s on TV.

It’s downstairs (B1) in Tokyo Station, in the Ramen Street area. If you go off-peak hours, the line can be pretty short!







Hype? Well…

This was THE BEST ramen I’ve ever had in my life. By far. Really! Highly recommended to everyone going to Tokyo. I would go out of my way and make plans specifically around this.



The magic is in the broth. A variety of meaty bits made it rich, provided savory umami flavor, and gave it interesting textures. After eating this, I realized every previous ramen I’ve eaten is a lie, built on salty grease broth.



The noodles were nice and dense; al dente. I’ve never had noodles this good.



The eggs are magic too. As far as I know, we just don’t have eggs like this in the states.


I don’t think I can eat ramen in the states again; at least, not without disappointment.

Tokyo Station Ichibangai B1
9-1, Marunouchi 1-Chōme
Chiyoda, Tokyo
Japan 100-0005

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