Tsurutontan, Roppongi

I barely ventured into Roppongi. A friend recommended this udon place.



I decided to try the beef udon.



The udon comes with a large ladle.



Massive bowl to go with the ladle. Hand for scale.




Previously, I disliked udon because the noodle texture was soggy and made me gag. This place didn’t make me gag though.



Yen for scale lol. It was ok, a little on the bland side possibly since the noodles are larger than other noodles; I wish the beef udon was more beefy / savory. I suppose I prefer ramen to udon.



Got some croquettes too!


Once I was full, I looked at my bowl and it seemed as if I hadn’t even touched it lol. I felt like a wasteful American, but non-ironically this time. Then again, if I had saved it maybe the noodles would have become soggy, which would make me gag.

3-14-12 Roppongi
Roppongi 3 Chome Bldg.
Minato 106-0032, Tokyo Prefecture

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