Fukusaya, Daimaru, Tokyo Station

Before going to Japan, castella cakes from Fukusaya were on the list of things to bring home as gifts for friends and loved ones (including myself lol). I read these were originally foreign (Portuguese?) but pretty much became a staple (Nagasaki?), and are rather simple cakes.

I stopped by a Fukusaya store but I went so early they were not yet open for the day. Fortunately, the department store attached to Tokyo Station has them conveniently pre-packaged.

When I was in line to buy Fukusaya castella cakes, there was a man at the front of the line with an empty suitcase. He bought enough cakes to completely fill his suitcase lol. This helped me realize I was in the right place.

The packaging!



Underneath the outer wrapping is a box.



This is the logo to look for.



Inside the box is more wrapping paper. This one helps keep it fresh.



Inside the inner wrapping paper there is cardboard and more paper lol.



Finally, this is what it looked like. It comes pre-cut.




In particular, this cake had sweet crunchy bits on the bottom.



I’ve tried castella cakes from a few other places, but none are particularly good. I only like the Fukusaya ones. They don’t always have crunchy bits, but when they do they are particularly tasty!

Daimaru 1F
1−9−1 Marunouchi
Chiyoda, Tokyo 100-6701

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