Misugiya, Kyoto

While traveling through subways in Kyoto, I noticed a grocery store in the Zest Oike underground mall.   There is a broad selection, including lots of fruits wrapped in plastic (I'm not used to seeing that). I was drawn to their ready-made to-go sushi boxes. This was actually really tasty, and the roe was fresh … Continue reading Misugiya, Kyoto


Shabu Shabu Onyasai, Hatchobori

Took me forever to figure out the English name to this place. This shabu shabu all-you-can-eat place is in the same building as Gyu-Kaku (much easier to find), but on the 4th floor.   I don't know exactly what our friends ordered, but we got a lot of it. Stacks of meat!   I don't … Continue reading Shabu Shabu Onyasai, Hatchobori

Chatei Hatou, Shibuya

Ever since the Blue Bottle folks wrote about it, I was intrigued. The beautiful storefront stands out against its surrounding cement urban jungle.   Walking in is like going back in time. I'm glad that the smokers sat at the opposite end lol. I didn't realize there was indoor smoking at this place. Fortunately, it only affected … Continue reading Chatei Hatou, Shibuya


random Starbucks, Tokyo

Being disappointed with various coffee houses in Tokyo, I decided to see what Starbucks was like there. Yes, Starbucks. I didn't even pay particular attention to which one it was... but does that matter? Actually, what caught my eye was that they had a flavor not available at other Starbucks, nor at any I've come … Continue reading random Starbucks, Tokyo


Yokohama Royal Park Hotel’s Tea Room, Yokohama

Our friends treated us to a tea ceremony with an awesome view on the 65th floor of the Royal Park Hotel in the Yokohama Landmark Tower. The entrance was an experience altogether! Coming from an elevator to a seemingly normal hallway, one steps into the tea room and the entire atmosphere changes. The stepping stones even had … Continue reading Yokohama Royal Park Hotel’s Tea Room, Yokohama