Yokohama Royal Park Hotel’s Tea Room, Yokohama

Our friends treated us to a tea ceremony with an awesome view on the 65th floor of the Royal Park Hotel in the Yokohama Landmark Tower.

The entrance was an experience altogether! Coming from an elevator to a seemingly normal hallway, one steps into the tea room and the entire atmosphere changes. The stepping stones even had some fake wetness that looked convincing… or maybe it was real lol.





Inside the tea room was delightfully minimalist.




This is where the action took place.




Matcha tea made traditionally. As an ignorant American, I had no idea that there is a specific way one accepts, then holds the bowl, then drinks from it.



The wagashi, traditional sweets served with the Matcha, included a soft red-bean filled mochi with a serving stick and some hard confections.





It was an excellent experience at a reasonable price. Would do this again, but first I’d figure out how not to make a fool of myself.

Yokohama Royal Park Hotel, Tea Room
Yokohama Landmark Tower, 65F
2 Chome-2-1-3 Minatomirai, Nishi
Yokohama, Kanagawa 220-8173, Japan

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