Uradera Age Bunbun, Kyoto

I went here more times than I should have. I went there twice in a row, then came back later that day and again the next!

It was my nose that led me here. Afterall, the storefront seems so… unassuming. And there was no line…


Where do the stairs lead? Why am I the only one in line? Is there a specific time of day for eating these? Is bunbun a reference to pan but spelled differently or vice versa? So many questions.


Plain (no filling) is ok.


Cream (custard?) was good.


Curry is weird. I like curry (Japanese and otherwise) but it was weird in this format.


I don’t even remember what this flavor was lol.


Egg was weird.




I can see why it’s #1. I don’t particularly care for red bean, but this was the best red-bean food item I’ve ever had. Best served warm, freshly baked. Definitely better synergy in these ingredients, as the other flavors ranged from weird to good.

I’d definitely come back! And if/when I do, I’ll probably buy a dozen of these. Just for myself.


Uradera Age Bunbun,
Nakagyo-ku, Koroji-cho 607 2
Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 604-8041

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