Pontocho Surugaya, Pontocho, Kyoto

Stumbled upon this place while lost in Kyoto. Later, I saw it on Google Maps listed as ,”Japanese Confectionary Shop” with some characters I couldn’t read (先斗町駿河屋).


Informally, I thought of this place as “three birds” because I can’t read Japanese lol.


The display seems traditional.


Fortunately, one of the workers there spoke a basic amount of English (more than the survival Japanese I knew) and was very attentive and helpful! I tried asking for some descriptions, but language barriers prevented anything useful. We bought boxes of things regardless. Like this one:


I appreciate the packaging.


Looks just like the sign outside.


Inside the wrapping is a box with more wrapping. It’s like getting 3 gifts in one! These are essentially the same, but one side has a peanut powder coating. What’s fascinating to me is the softness of the mochi. Makes me wonder if this is what traditional mochi is like, or if this is what mochi is supposed to be like.


We also tried a box of mochi.

It was good.


Pontocho Surugaya
Pontochodori 3-Josagaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8013, Kyoto Prefecture
http://www.pontocho-surugaya.com/ (looks like their website is currently down)

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