Torikizoku, Kyoto

A friend recommended this chain for its good value. Every item is ¥280.

While many people are attracted to this for its affordable pricing, it can really add up if you order a lot, like I did. In retrospect, I think the value that you get from this place is variety.


Started with eggs. I almost thought the yolks would have gel-like consistency, but they didn’t. Still good.


I ordered skewers many ways. Turns out I liked the plain / normal ones best. I also liked the meat-in-pepper dish.


I don’t even remember what these more adventurous skewers were, but I didn’t like them.


(ささみわさび焼) Wasabi + seaweed on chicken.


Despite how full I was, there was always room for dessert. Betsubara-san indeed. Though I was pleasantly surprised to see vanilla bean specks, it was just for looks (as is the case with most vanilla bean ice creams). They were spent and didn’t contribute their full flavor.


I’d go back, but I wouldn’t plan my trip around going here. Next time I go, I’ll stick to the skewers I’m familiar with and I’ll try other dishes!

291 Narayacho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture

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