Hanagoyomi, XIV Kyoto Yase Rikyu, Kyoto

While staying at the XIV resort in Kyoto courtesy of our friend’s connections, we ate at Hanagoyomi. It is a beautiful resort, and the food was actually inspiring. Local cuisine, elegantly presented. So much so that we went back again!


Someone was waiting to greet us! Not us specifically, but customers in general. A nice gesture!


A modern touch.




My new favorite (plum?) wine.


There were so many courses…


The best bamboo I’ve had. Maybe because it was fresh?


Unexpected western dessert.


After the meal I had coffee with cream, which came with sugar in a piece of folded paper.


Our second meal was breakfast. This is local mountain spring water.


Local vegetables.


Tofu made with local mountain spring water.


And of course, the bathroom was clean.

It’s a bit out there, having to take a train then a shuttle. But I would totally go back!

XIV Kyoto Yase Rikyu
74-1 Yasenosecho, Kyoto 601-1254, Kyoto Prefecture

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