Steak House Pound, Shijo Kawaramachi, Kyoto

At some point I picked up a touristy magazine in English and the beef caught my eye. I decided to try it!


This sign was outside when I arrived. Not sure what it’s trying to express…


The meat is beautiful.


I think people are supposed to use those coat hangers, but they’re a bit high for me.


Curry rice. This was really tasty!


Tried both the flap meat and the sirloin steak with wasabi.


Finished off with some shaved mango + condensed milk. Pretty good.

Overall good and better than many steak houses I’ve been to in the SF Bay Area… but definitely not the same league as 511. I’d go back anyway!

Steak House Pound
81 Shincho Shijo-Dori Kobashi Nishi-Iru Shimogyo-Ku
Kyoto 600-8001, Kyoto

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