āina, San Francisco

Went here for brunch with an out-of-town friend.


Hibiscus ginger lemonade.


St. Frank drip coffee.


Malasadas: Portuguese style doughnuts with guava custard.

I liked it, but I didn’t expect a doughnut as an appetizer.


Spam Musubi, with boston bibb lettuce, Stone Valley Farms whole hog spam, kimchi, short grain rice, and egg yolk furikake.

Probably the better dish here, though I don’t like kimchi. The rice was too soft, and I don’t think the lettuce leaf adds any value.


Chicken Katsu, with Mary’s Chicken, a rolled omelette, Vadouvan carrot puree, udon noodles, aioli, katsu jelly, and grilled seasonal greens.


Kalua Pork Belly, with Stone Valley Farms pork belly, poached eggs, short grain rice, green garlic puree, Zuckerman Farms asparagus, kimchi, and chicharrones.

I wanted to like this more than I did. It was good, because pork belly. But seems everything was so mildly flavored and nothing really complemented each other; just a bunch of pretty ingredients put together. At least it looks nice.

Everything here was good; nothing offended but nothing stands out. I think this is one of those places that draws the visual foodie, rather than those that look for palate inspiration.

900 22nd St., San Francisco, CA 94107

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