Men-Bei Ramen, Santa Clara

Went here a few times, based on a trusted foodie’s recommendation.


A decorative, miniature ramen stand on their countertop. Before there were food trucks.


The Men-Bei Ramen.


Curry Ramen.


Got the Umani Miso Ramen. Not sure what umani meant, but I think it is a misspelling of umami. 


The Men-Bei Ramen house specialty ramen was so good last time, got it again another time but added corn.


Solid location for ramen. The first time I went I wasn’t into their noodles because I was biased towards the thicker noodles used in tsukemen style ramen. But when I went back it was good. I really liked the Miso Umani Ramen broth, though I wasn’t expecting all that napa cabbage & bok choi veggies. It almost didn’t seem like a Japanese dish.


Men-Bei Ramen
1349 Coleman Ave
Santa Clara, CA 95050

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