Eating all the things!  And then some!!  They say there’s always room for dessert; to this, I consider myself a living testament.

I’ve been in a gourmet cooking club for four years.  And I’ve had my own eating club since 2007.  And photography is a hobby.  So there.

I take a systematic approach to eating all the things.  This requires discipline.  And intestinal fortitude.  But there is more to this blog than simply eating all the things (though that makes a big part of it)…

I find it hard to find a public source whose taste I can reliably follow.  And I think that is what is missing from today’s reviewers and reviewing platforms: a statement and description of taste!  Star ratings have much less value when finding that a pizza chain has one star because it now offers salads.

Perhaps people can follow someone’s recommendation once they better understand the reviewer’s taste and how it relates to them.  Thus I attempt to explain why something is good (or not), in hopes that you may benefit.  Even if you don’t share the same taste, perhaps you will come to an understanding of your own; an enlightenment of sorts!

Through my posts, you can discern flavor profiles I gravitate towards.  Underlying that, I value harmony.  I want everything in a dish to have a purpose, and that purpose should be to make the dish better.  If condiments are given, they should make the dish better than it would be without them.  These aspects are evaluated regardless of the price of a dish, as I think even taquerias and coffee (two of my favorite items to consume) can greatly exhibit these qualities.  Lastly, there is an implied value when paying for something, though there is understandably diminishing returns at some point.  So make it worth it!

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