Men-Bei Ramen, Santa Clara

Went here a few times, based on a trusted foodie's recommendation.   A decorative, miniature ramen stand on their countertop. Before there were food trucks.   The Men-Bei Ramen.   Curry Ramen.   Got the Umani Miso Ramen. Not sure what umani meant, but I think it is a misspelling of umami.    The Men-Bei … Continue reading Men-Bei Ramen, Santa Clara

Kokio Republic food truck, San Francisco

Remember G Food Lounge? Used to be under the freeway overpass that leads to the Bay Bridge before that closed. One of my favorite trucks there was Kokio Republic. Looks like they, too, have closed for business but are starting something new.  My go-to flavors were half Soy Garlic and half Hot & Sweet. The … Continue reading Kokio Republic food truck, San Francisco