Bitter + Sweet, Cupertino

Seems you can find San Francisco relics in the south bay area more and more these days.  This is a good thing, imho, and this is the reason I like Bitter + Sweet.  I can go to one place and find multiple things I like, where friends and I can gather and find something for everyone. … Continue reading Bitter + Sweet, Cupertino

Affogato Bar, Sightglass, San Francisco

Affogato Bar, inside Sightglass SoMa.  AKA Affogato Heaven. The entryway from the sidewalk.   The roaster.  Can't miss it once you walk in.   Beans and devices elsewhere on the first floor.   This is where the magic happens.  The Affogato Bar.  Found on the second floor / mezzanine level of Sightglass's flagship roastery and coffee house … Continue reading Affogato Bar, Sightglass, San Francisco