Kushinobo, Isetan The Cube, Shinjuku

Fry everything. Fry it all on a stick. That’s what kushikatsu means to me.




I got the Miybai lunch special.





I had to look at other diners to figure out what this plate was about (separates the sauces). And everything surrounding it (ALL the sauces). And the fish above it (put used skewers there).




There was a pretty good variety of fried food on sticks.









I’d go again for the lunch specials. I like fried food.

Isetan Kaikan 8F
3-15-17 Shinjuku
Shinjuku 160-0022, Tokyo

Los Gatos Cafe, Uptown

The Uptown location is much more convenient than the downtown location.  Better parking, faster seating, no frills service, and tastes similar to its better location.  If you don’t like waiting an hour, this is close enough IMHO.


Feels old-school on the outside.  On purpose, I think.20160207LosGatosCafeUptown1


Feels old-school on the inside too.20160207LosGatosCafeUptown2



DAT RASPBERRY COFFEE CAKE THO!  Dangerous.20160207LosGatosCafeUptown3


Normally I get something sweet, like the blueberry pancakes (AWESOME) or the french toast (a classic), or the cinnamon roll french toast when my sweet tooth takes over.  This time, however, I tried the Benedict Oscar.  20160207LosGatosCafeUptown4


Would definitely get it again!  Crab, fresh tarragon (a nice touch) scrambled eggs, English muffin, hollandaise sauce, asparagus.  Herbed potatoes on the side.20160207LosGatosCafeUptown5


Los Gatos Cafe, Uptown, 15662 Los Gatos Blvd., Los Gatos, CA. 95032

Central Kitchen, San Francisco

Went here for a birthday dinner date. (=

Lovely on the outside!

Lovely on the inside!


But the seats were uncomfortable as if they don’t want you to stay and enjoy your meal.

The ginger beer was awesome, makes me want to find and buy some!

Got the “Let The Kitchen Decide” and was stuffed! Everything the kitchen decided on was good.

The pickled vegetables were refreshing and made a good palate cleanser; wish there was another cleanser or two within the meal; perhaps next time I’ll pace myself on that dish!

I ended up not caring for the liver mousse. The gf liked it though!

The bread-upon-request was ok. The bread was good, but nothing special considering that this is SF. I suppose it’s pretty to get your butter on a piece of wood.

The raw halibut came with avocado, rhubarb & lovage. Was tasty but not particularly memorable, aside from its aesthetic.

The seaweed pasta chitarra had mussels, sea urchin, bottarga, and bread crumb. I thought it tasted like ocean in a good way, but the gf didn’t like this one so much. Otherwise nice al dente pasta, with a smooth, creamy sauce.

One of the truly inspiring dishes was the asparagus!

The asparagus dish set the bar for me on the potential of asparagus; it was grilled, buttery (bone marrow vinaigrette), savory (egg yolk), and the crunchy bits (fried meat?) + lemon zest really worked well. I wish I could make this! I would come back just for this.

Actually, I came because of the duck, which was included in the meal. I really enjoyed it, as it was served two ways and everything on the plate (e.g., fingerling potatoes, cherries) paired well with it. I would come back just for this too.

The second inspiring dish was the chocolate dessert!

The chocolate dessert was a mix of opposites in texture, temperature, and taste. Soft and crunchy (chocolate pudding, candied almonds), cold and hot (coffee ice cream & chocolate biscotti), sweet and savory (all aforementioned). Though those don’t sound exotic, the combination told me that someone knew exactly what was going on. I couldn’t have done it better myself! I will be back for this (unless it isn’t offered on the menu)!

And the bathroom was clean!

Central Kitchen, 3000 20th St., San Francisco, CA 94110