Chatei Hatou, Shibuya

Ever since the Blue Bottle folks wrote about it, I was intrigued. The beautiful storefront stands out against its surrounding cement urban jungle.   Walking in is like going back in time. I'm glad that the smokers sat at the opposite end lol. I didn't realize there was indoor smoking at this place. Fortunately, it only affected … Continue reading Chatei Hatou, Shibuya

NishiAnn Cafe, Setagaya

NishiAnn Cafe was beautiful, inspiring, and delicious; you can tell by how enthusiastic my camera became. It is off the beaten path, and probably better that way. Despite that, I'll be recommending this to everyone who asks me where to eat in & around Tokyo! In a way, it is easy to miss if you aren't looking … Continue reading NishiAnn Cafe, Setagaya