Pontocho Surugaya, Pontocho, Kyoto

Stumbled upon this place while lost in Kyoto. Later, I saw it on Google Maps listed as ,"Japanese Confectionary Shop" with some characters I couldn't read (先斗町駿河屋).   Informally, I thought of this place as "three birds" because I can't read Japanese lol.   The display seems traditional.   Fortunately, one of the workers there spoke … Continue reading Pontocho Surugaya, Pontocho, Kyoto

Amezaiku Yoshihara, Bunkyo

Pretty sweet craft, literally and figuratively.   Looking at the vast selection, I wondered how they made them.   Turns out some items are made-to-order! Watching the craftsmanship was mesmerizing. You know they're masters when they make it look easy. If I were doing this I'd make a mistake then try to fix it and end … Continue reading Amezaiku Yoshihara, Bunkyo

Usagiya, Ueno

My wife found this dorayaki shop / confectionary.   Some may think it excessive, but I really appreciate Japanese packaging. A lot of thought and care goes into presentation.   I don't think we knew what we ordered, but everything has red bean inside. I got tired of red bean foods, so I didn't like this. … Continue reading Usagiya, Ueno