FuseBOX, Oakland

This place was easy to miss, though they supposedly had a loyal following.   This was the only restaurant sign.   They had a courtyard, but wanted more interior space for the colder months.   Got two orders of the FuseBOX KFC (Korean Fried Chicken), which was really good.   Bacon wrapped enoki with miso … Continue reading FuseBOX, Oakland


Gaburi Chicken, Shibuya

Walked past this place randomly while going to and from my room, and had to get some fried chicken!   Lots of folks inside.   It was ok. I wouldn't go out of my way to eat it again, but I'd eat it again if I was near it. Gaburi Chicken, Shibuya 13-7 Udagawa-cho, 3F, … Continue reading Gaburi Chicken, Shibuya

Kinnotorikara, Shinkyogoku, Kyoto

The smell of this place is what made me stop by. That, and their line. Two good signs.   At first, we tried the smaller versions. It may not look particularly special, but it was tasty.   Then we realized that there are a bunch of self-serve powder / spice mixes that you can pour over the … Continue reading Kinnotorikara, Shinkyogoku, Kyoto


Karaage Yukari, Asakusa

I smelled this while walking around, and had to check it out.   I didn't even know what I ordered until I got it...  karaage / fried chicken. It was good.   Karaage Yukari 1-24-7 Asakusa Taito 111-0053, Tokyo http://karaageyukari.jp/map.html#Tokyo01


Rin, Shibuya

A friend took us here. I think Rin is known for this sashimi plate with dry ice.   Gimmicky yes, but still pretty cool (no pun intended). Aside from the dry ice, it tasted normal.   I'm not used to using raw egg yolk as a dip. It was ok.   I liked this agedashi tofu.   I liked the … Continue reading Rin, Shibuya