Izuu Sushi, Gion, Kyoto

Went looking for traditional, Kyoto-style sushi.   Isn't weird how frequently we are the only ones in the restaurant? While eating, I noticed several customers ordering take-out.   They have English menus.   Kyoto-Sushi Assortment:   Saba Sushi / Tai Sushi Assortment (mackerel and sea bream):   When wrapped, it is hard to see how … Continue reading Izuu Sushi, Gion, Kyoto

Pontocho Surugaya, Pontocho, Kyoto

Stumbled upon this place while lost in Kyoto. Later, I saw it on Google Maps listed as ,"Japanese Confectionary Shop" with some characters I couldn't read (先斗町駿河屋).   Informally, I thought of this place as "three birds" because I can't read Japanese lol.   The display seems traditional.   Fortunately, one of the workers there spoke … Continue reading Pontocho Surugaya, Pontocho, Kyoto