Café Bibliotec Hello!, Kyoto

Decided to look for hipster coffee in Kyoto. Apologies for the camera blur; it was pretty dark.   Do you see what I see?   Do you see what I see?!   B&W 804 Diamond Series is what I see. This one has some scratches.   I also see an Accuphase C-2810 Preamplifier, likely connected … Continue reading Café Bibliotec Hello!, Kyoto


Bridge Coffee, Kappabashi

Had some coffee here while in Kappabashi kitchen town, though I forgot to take a photo of it. It was ok; not particularly special. I think what people seem to like is their ice cream, which I didn't try.   Bridge Coffee 3-1-12 Matsugaya Kappabashi Kitchen Town Taito 111-0036, Tokyo