The Roastery by Nozy Coffee, Shibuya

The Roastery was on my list of coffee places to experience. Looks legit.   Lol @ NY Rings.   By this time in my trip I've pretty much set my mind on getting lattes or iced coffees. It was good.   Next time I go back, I'll give their single origins a shot!   The … Continue reading The Roastery by Nozy Coffee, Shibuya


Café Bibliotec Hello!, Kyoto

Decided to look for hipster coffee in Kyoto. Apologies for the camera blur; it was pretty dark.   Do you see what I see?   Do you see what I see?!   B&W 804 Diamond Series is what I see. This one has some scratches.   I also see an Accuphase C-2810 Preamplifier, likely connected … Continue reading Café Bibliotec Hello!, Kyoto

Lattest, Omotesando

In pursuit of coffee, I went here.   With a name like Lattest, I decided to try a latte. Iced.   I liked it better than Bear Pond. Not as much as Streamer. Turns out the latest series of Terrace House featured someone who worked at Lattest at some point. I didn't see her there … Continue reading Lattest, Omotesando


Sarutahiko Coffee, Ebisu & Sengawa

Went to this coffee shop in two different locations. The Ebisu shop shares its location with another business.   Got an iced latte. It's somewhat of a safer choice for me, here in Tokyo. It was ok. Noticed these little dog routers around town.   The Sengawa location looks pretty sweet and has two stories.   … Continue reading Sarutahiko Coffee, Ebisu & Sengawa


Toranomon Koffee, Toranomon Hills

Looks like a proper third-wave coffee house.   They've got fancy pastries.   I think this was an iced cafe mocha.   Iced latte.   Hand-drip coffee.   We tried the baked custard too; it was good. The coffee was ok but nothing to write home about. I think a lot of places in Japan … Continue reading Toranomon Koffee, Toranomon Hills