Kinnotorikara, Shinkyogoku, Kyoto

The smell of this place is what made me stop by. That, and their line. Two good signs.   At first, we tried the smaller versions. It may not look particularly special, but it was tasty.   Then we realized that there are a bunch of self-serve powder / spice mixes that you can pour over the … Continue reading Kinnotorikara, Shinkyogoku, Kyoto

Misugiya, Kyoto

While traveling through subways in Kyoto, I noticed a grocery store in the Zest Oike underground mall.   There is a broad selection, including lots of fruits wrapped in plastic (I'm not used to seeing that). I was drawn to their ready-made to-go sushi boxes. This was actually really tasty, and the roe was fresh … Continue reading Misugiya, Kyoto