Lattest, Omotesando

In pursuit of coffee, I went here.







With a name like Lattest, I decided to try a latte. Iced.



I liked it better than Bear Pond. Not as much as Streamer.


Turns out the latest series of Terrace House featured someone who worked at Lattest at some point. I didn’t see her there when I visited lol.

3-5-2 Jingumae
Shibuya, Tokyo

Streamer Coffee Company, Shibuya

Found this place while looking for third wave coffee in Tokyo.





Lol. Wasn’t brave enough to try these.



Tried an iced latte. I liked it better than other Tokyo coffee houses I checked out, but I still prefer SF coffee.



Streamer Coffee Company
20-28, Shibuya 1-Chōme
Shibuya, Tokyo
Japan 150-0002

Bear Pond Espresso, On The Corner, Shibuya

After not liking some of the more traditional coffee houses, I went in search of some third wave coffee joints.




View of the smoking section,  from the non-smoking section. Well, not really, but it smelled that way.



I tried espresso, but in the form of an iced latte (pictured, right). Also got an iced coffee with milk (pictured, left) because who doesn’t like double-fisting coffee amirite? Really, it was to try both forms.


I thought both were ok, not particularly special given the hype. Maybe I’m spoiled by the coffee in SF.

Bear Pond Espresso
On The Corner
36-12, Kitazawa 2-Chōme
Setagaya, Tokyo
Japan 155-0031

La Cafe Doutor, Ginza

Turns out this was pretty much the only coffee house open near my hotel when I arrived in Tokyo.

You can tell it’s early since the streets are empty. That actually revealed another side of Tokyo too, as window cleaners were visibly busy preparing each shop for the work day. I wonder why US workers mostly work at the same time…



It was also nice having the entire patio to myself.



The latte was meh. The coffee tastes burnt; this must be the Starbucks of Tokyo.



La Cafe Doutor
5-7-2 Ginza
1F Sanai Building
Chuo, Tokyo

Bitter + Sweet, Cupertino

Seems you can find San Francisco relics in the south bay area more and more these days.  This is a good thing, imho, and this is the reason I like Bitter + Sweet.  I can go to one place and find multiple things I like, where friends and I can gather and find something for everyone.



If you’re hungry, there’s panini sandwiches served with salad.  With just the right amount of salad dressing.20151212Bitter+Sweet04


Pastries from Satura Cakes out of Los Altos.20151212Bitter+Sweet0520151212Bitter+Sweet08


Coffee from Sightglass, San Francisco.  Their signature drink is the Red Velvet Latte.20151212Bitter+Sweet06


Ice cream from Humphry Slocombe, San Francisco.20151212Bitter+Sweet09


Pairing it together is awesome…  Sightglass affogato with Secret Breakfast!20151212Bitter+Sweet10

And the bathroom is clean and well-ventilated / AC’d.

Bitter + Sweet, 20560 Town Center Ln, Cupertino, CA 95014