Pompadour, Yokohama Motomachi

I heard this is a popular bakery. No idea if Snoopy is related to Pompadour, the store above it, or just randomly there. I got french toast and some sort of cheese bread.   It was good but probably would have been better if I could have toasted them prior to eating. Pompadour Motomachi, Nakaku, … Continue reading Pompadour, Yokohama Motomachi

Pierre Hermé Paris Boutique, Ritz Carlton, Kyoto

I heard Pierre Hermé opened a shop in Kyoto during some non-compete time period from a former employer. Anyhow, there's a small boutique inside the Ritz Carlton in Kyoto.   I kind of wish I tried the mega-ispahan, because I'm an American and we like things huge lol. I also heard people propose using this … Continue reading Pierre Hermé Paris Boutique, Ritz Carlton, Kyoto