Voyageur du Temps, Los Altos

Went here on recommendation from a trusted foodie friend. Looks nice outside.   Looks nice inside too.   The breakfast is good!   I enjoyed their latte, but I think the french press is better. Forgot to take a photo of it.   Of course, all the baked goods are solid.   I ended up … Continue reading Voyageur du Temps, Los Altos

Hanagoyomi, XIV Kyoto Yase Rikyu, Kyoto

While staying at the XIV resort in Kyoto courtesy of our friend's connections, we ate at Hanagoyomi. It is a beautiful resort, and the food was actually inspiring. Local cuisine, elegantly presented. So much so that we went back again!   Someone was waiting to greet us! Not us specifically, but customers in general. A … Continue reading Hanagoyomi, XIV Kyoto Yase Rikyu, Kyoto