Woodhouse Fish Co., San Francisco

My wife and I were watching TV and saw some delicious-looking fish & chips, inspiring us to look for some! She loves cocktail shrimp so we had to try the Cocktail Prawns here. They had a lobster roll, which we really wanted to try as well.   And the fish & chips!   Everything was … Continue reading Woodhouse Fish Co., San Francisco


4505 Burgers and BBQ, San Francisco

Went here for the first stop on my burger crawl.   Got a standard cheeseburger cooked medium rare Came with lettuce and onions.     The bun was awesome; the best burger bun I had on the burger crawl. It was buttery, lightly toasted, and wasn't overly dry. However the burger overall was disappointing. It … Continue reading 4505 Burgers and BBQ, San Francisco

āina, San Francisco

Went here for brunch with an out-of-town friend.   Hibiscus ginger lemonade.   St. Frank drip coffee.   Malasadas: Portuguese style doughnuts with guava custard. I liked it, but I didn't expect a doughnut as an appetizer.   Spam Musubi, with boston bibb lettuce, Stone Valley Farms whole hog spam, kimchi, short grain rice, and … Continue reading āina, San Francisco


The Mill, San Francisco

Took a break from my burger crawl at this place. From the outside, it isn't really clear what is inside. Could be food. Or not.   Community table.   The essence of this shop: coffee and bread.   Got an iced coffee. It was good.   Got the raisin bread with butter, cinnamon sugar, and … Continue reading The Mill, San Francisco


Jane on Fillmore, San Francisco

Went here for some coffee.   Next time I go I'll try some food! Jane on Fillmore 2123 Fillmore St San Francisco, CA 94115 http://www.itsjane.com