Soba House 大自然 上野店, Taito

Found this while walking around in Taito. Apologies for the potato-quality photo with unintentional sun flares.   I think it had just opened; we were the first & only ones inside.   Since I've had a soba + tempura meal elsewhere, I decided to try it here too. I still think NishiAnn's is better. This style seems … Continue reading Soba House 大自然 上野店, Taito

NishiAnn Cafe, Setagaya

NishiAnn Cafe was beautiful, inspiring, and delicious; you can tell by how enthusiastic my camera became. It is off the beaten path, and probably better that way. Despite that, I'll be recommending this to everyone who asks me where to eat in & around Tokyo! In a way, it is easy to miss if you aren't looking … Continue reading NishiAnn Cafe, Setagaya