Lord George, San Francisco

Stopped by here one evening with some friends.

Seems easy to miss; coming down the sidewalk, I only noticed a small sign on the sidewalk.  The droop in the handwriting makes me smile.20160221LordGeorge1


Oddly, behind that copper bowl they chip their own ice.  Seems unnecessary.20160221LordGeorge2


We sat near oyster guy!20160221LordGeorge3


So, of course we got oysters:20160221LordGeorge4


Steak & Potatoes tartine.  Open face sandwich with some salad.  Horseradish aioli, chimichurri, carrot butter, honey.  Tastes good.  As soon as you bite into it, the whole thing pretty much falls off!


Ended with a cheese board.  Though it might look plain, I think I enjoyed this more than my messy tartine!20160221LordGeorge6


Lord George, 555 2nd St, San Francisco, CA 94107

Salt House, San Francisco

Went here with coworkers after a long day at the office.  From a previous visit, I remember liking the gnocchi here.


At first, I did not realize the 545 sign was for its street address.20160128SaltHouse1


Pain Epi from Acme Bread, I think.20160128SaltHouse2


I decided to try the Bruce Adams refresher.  I recommend it.  Grapefruit and ginger on the bottom.  A slice of lemon, and soda water.20160128SaltHouse3


The Beef Rib-Eye.  Served with black trumpet mushrooms, braised leeks, crispy potato, and baby carrots.  Much smaller than anticipated; I needed to go out for a second dinner after this dinner.  Probably should have ordered appetizers.20160128SaltHouse4


The inside looks pretty sweet.20160128SaltHouse5


The bar.20160128SaltHouse6


Salt House, 545 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94105

South Park Cafe, San Francisco

I must have walked past this place dozens of times while walking through South Park.  I decided to stop by.




If you go before noon, the line is short.20160205SouthParkCafe2


Clean, well-kept interior.20160205SouthParkCafe1


A friend got the Croque-Madame.  When I saw it I wished we shared.20160205SouthParkCafe6


Grilled salmon with mixed greens and seasonal vegetables.20160205SouthParkCafe5


Grilled chicken breast salad with peanuts, sesame, and Napa cabbage.20160205SouthParkCafe4


I got the pork confit sandwich with Dijon mustard on Acme baguette.  No regrets!20160205SouthParkCafe3



I’d go back, but next time I’ll share dishes so I can try more!


South Park Cafe, 108 S Park St, San Francisco, CA 94107

Darwin Cafe, San Francisco

Darwin is pretty awesome, which is why there’s always a line during lunch time.  During my last visit, I went before lunch on a Saturday morning and was delighted to have no wait!  Definitely doing this again, next time with the fiancee.20160130Darwin0120160130Darwin02


In a quiet alley, the curbside seats are nice when the weather is warm.20160130Darwin03


That small cafe vibe.20160130Darwin0420160130Darwin0520160130Darwin06


The Poached Eggs Darwin, only available for dine-in.  Creamed spinach, roast beef, grilled sourdough, béarnaise sauce.  Served with Darwin’s standard house salad.

If I were to make food for a living, I’d want it to be like this because everything is made well with high quality ingredients.  The flavors aren’t masked by the sauces, but that béarnaise was just the right amount to complement the dish.  The creamed spinach wasn’t overly creamy so that you could still taste and appreciate the spinach.  Of course, the poached eggs were cooked just right with fully cooked whites and slow-runny yolks.  The bread is a solid platform, and it’s what makes their sandwiches good too.20160130Darwin08



Weekday lunches to go are also fantastic; I try to go when it’s raining outside since SF’s SoMa workers seem to stay indoors when it rains.

Butter lettuce salad with sweet potatoes, pecans, and ham.20160130Darwin09


Roast beef sandwich with watercress, sweet onion, tarragon aioli, white cheddar.  Served with Darwin’s standard house salad.

They also serve De La Paz coffee, if that’s your thing.

Darwin Cafe, 212 Ritch St, San Francisco, CA 94107