5A5 Steak Lounge, San Francisco

I've been here a few times for work, but decided to come on my own so I could try the Japanese Wagyu from Miyazaki. Plus, it had been over a year since eating Kobe beef at 511 in Japan. Time to compare the local steak house!   Lounge is a good description. Looks modern and … Continue reading 5A5 Steak Lounge, San Francisco

Steak House Pound, Shijo Kawaramachi, Kyoto

At some point I picked up a touristy magazine in English and the beef caught my eye. I decided to try it!   This sign was outside when I arrived. Not sure what it's trying to express...   The meat is beautiful.   I think people are supposed to use those coat hangers, but they're … Continue reading Steak House Pound, Shijo Kawaramachi, Kyoto