Karaage Yukari, Asakusa

I smelled this while walking around, and had to check it out.   I didn't even know what I ordered until I got it...  karaage / fried chicken. It was good.   Karaage Yukari 1-24-7 Asakusa Taito 111-0053, Tokyo http://karaageyukari.jp/map.html#Tokyo01


Bridge Coffee, Kappabashi

Had some coffee here while in Kappabashi kitchen town, though I forgot to take a photo of it. It was ok; not particularly special. I think what people seem to like is their ice cream, which I didn't try.   Bridge Coffee 3-1-12 Matsugaya Kappabashi Kitchen Town Taito 111-0036, Tokyo

Soba House 大自然 上野店, Taito

Found this while walking around in Taito. Apologies for the potato-quality photo with unintentional sun flares.   I think it had just opened; we were the first & only ones inside.   Since I've had a soba + tempura meal elsewhere, I decided to try it here too. I still think NishiAnn's is better. This style seems … Continue reading Soba House 大自然 上野店, Taito


Kohikan, Taito

Found this chain while walking around, featuring charcoal roasted coffee and pictures of siphon coffee on the front window. Traditional, second-wave coffee.   The coffee is darkly roasted, and costs more than the toast IIRC. I didn't like it; I won't go back. Kohikan 1-10, Taito 4-Chōme Taito, Tokyo Japan 110-0016


CoCo Curry House, Taito

A chain restaurant, I think.   I'd rather go to Katsuhei, which is also reasonably priced but has a better depth of flavor in its curry. CoCo Curry House 28-7, Taito 4-Chōme Taito, Tokyo Japan 110-0016