Hanagoyomi, XIV Kyoto Yase Rikyu, Kyoto

While staying at the XIV resort in Kyoto courtesy of our friend's connections, we ate at Hanagoyomi. It is a beautiful resort, and the food was actually inspiring. Local cuisine, elegantly presented. So much so that we went back again!   Someone was waiting to greet us! Not us specifically, but customers in general. A … Continue reading Hanagoyomi, XIV Kyoto Yase Rikyu, Kyoto


Pierre Hermé Paris Boutique, Ritz Carlton, Kyoto

I heard Pierre Hermé opened a shop in Kyoto during some non-compete time period from a former employer. Anyhow, there's a small boutique inside the Ritz Carlton in Kyoto.   I kind of wish I tried the mega-ispahan, because I'm an American and we like things huge lol. I also heard people propose using this … Continue reading Pierre Hermé Paris Boutique, Ritz Carlton, Kyoto

Uradera Age Bunbun, Kyoto

I went here more times than I should have. I went there twice in a row, then came back later that day and again the next! It was my nose that led me here. Afterall, the storefront seems so... unassuming. And there was no line...   Where do the stairs lead? Why am I the only … Continue reading Uradera Age Bunbun, Kyoto


Fukusaya, Daimaru, Tokyo Station

Before going to Japan, castella cakes from Fukusaya were on the list of things to bring home as gifts for friends and loved ones (including myself lol). I read these were originally foreign (Portuguese?) but pretty much became a staple (Nagasaki?), and are rather simple cakes. I stopped by a Fukusaya store but I went … Continue reading Fukusaya, Daimaru, Tokyo Station


Rokurinsha, Tokyo Station

Heard about this place from a TV show and thought it was over-hyped because it's on TV. It's downstairs (B1) in Tokyo Station, in the Ramen Street area. If you go off-peak hours, the line can be pretty short!   Hype? Well... This was THE BEST ramen I've ever had in my life. By far. Really! … Continue reading Rokurinsha, Tokyo Station