Tonkatsu Maisen, Part 2 (to go!), Lumine 1, Shibuya

Since the restaurant was so good, I was curious about its to-go counter in the basement of a department store. The tonkatsu bento. I think it also had croquettes at the top left, I forget.   Even gave us utensils and wet napkins; everything needed to eat on the go!     Tonkatsu cutlets are available … Continue reading Tonkatsu Maisen, Part 2 (to go!), Lumine 1, Shibuya

Tonkatsu Maisen, Tokyu-Toyoko, Shibuya

I read about this place having good tonkatsu.   The restaurant looks unassuming.   On the menu, I noticed one page was devoted to black pig from some special location. It cost more than the usual pork cutlet, and it pretty much had one page all to itself. I ordered it. It came with a sweet plum … Continue reading Tonkatsu Maisen, Tokyu-Toyoko, Shibuya