Ramen Yamadaya, San Jose

After realizing Ramen Yamadaya was a chain, I wanted to try another branch!   Though I went right when it opened, it was pretty empty by the time I was done eating. Different than the SF branch.   Also tried different food than the unknown SF ramens.   Since discovering tsukemen style ramen in Japan, … Continue reading Ramen Yamadaya, San Jose


Rokurinsha, Tokyo Station

Heard about this place from a TV show and thought it was over-hyped because it's on TV. It's downstairs (B1) in Tokyo Station, in the Ramen Street area. If you go off-peak hours, the line can be pretty short!   Hype? Well... This was THE BEST ramen I've ever had in my life. By far. Really! … Continue reading Rokurinsha, Tokyo Station

Oreryu Ramen, Shibuya

Stopped by a random ramen shop in Shibuya.   We placed an order for Oreryu Toku Tsukemen using the vending machine outside.   We told them we were sharing, so they came prepared! Love it.   The ramen was good; nothing special. The second bowl made the broth cold, so sharing ended up being a bad … Continue reading Oreryu Ramen, Shibuya


Afuri, Harajuku

This place will stay on my short list.   Of course, I tried the specialty Yuzu Shio Ramen... but I wouldn't bother with it. It was like normal shio ramen with only a hint of yuzu (so why even come to Afuri!).   But the real star was the Yuzu Tsuyu Tsukemon! Bright, flavorful yuzu and the thicker noodles … Continue reading Afuri, Harajuku