Soba House 大自然 上野店, Taito

Found this while walking around in Taito. Apologies for the potato-quality photo with unintentional sun flares.   I think it had just opened; we were the first & only ones inside.   Since I've had a soba + tempura meal elsewhere, I decided to try it here too. I still think NishiAnn's is better. This style seems … Continue reading Soba House 大自然 上野店, Taito

Pepper Lunch, Ueno

It is interesting to me to try out the original Japanese version of some restaurants available in the US.   I don't think the US version does this. (=   This was the sauce I liked. Not sure what it is.   Adding the sauce to the dish turns it all brown. Maybe not photogenic, … Continue reading Pepper Lunch, Ueno

Usagiya, Ueno

My wife found this dorayaki shop / confectionary.   Some may think it excessive, but I really appreciate Japanese packaging. A lot of thought and care goes into presentation.   I don't think we knew what we ordered, but everything has red bean inside. I got tired of red bean foods, so I didn't like this. … Continue reading Usagiya, Ueno